the 14-day real self-care kickstart

with Louise Thompson, Master Coach, Author, Speaker.

This 14-day course is usually $197, but can be yours today for just


Feeling overwhelmed and like your self-care is always at the bottom of the To Do list, after everyone else’s stuff? I hear you!

You need a reset, and it’s easier than you think. You can feel calmer, stronger and more like yourself in just 2 weeks.

All of the practical, doable inspiration and action steps you need are right here in this wellbeing fluff-free zone.

This 14-Day Kickstarter course is just the (loving) kick up the backside you need to reset, get out of that rut and get right back on track.

Let's go!


The daily emails in my inbox & the motivating video intros to each daily challenge have been really helping me get into the mindset of prioritising my wellbeing. Lots of great content with fun, clear & memorable examples & explanations

Mary James


The only thing that would improve this self-help guide, would be if someone had given it to me when I was much younger! Luckily, it's never too late to make great changes and gain the rewards... loving the tips and practical advice.

Frances Frootey

Well, hello there!

Well, hello there! I’m Louise, mastercoach, best-selling author and all-round wellbeing junkie. I’m super excited you are about to action a snappy, 14-Day Self-Care reset: I have SO many practical, actionable ideas to get you started. 

Taking care of our minds and bodies in a conscious and intentional way is a privilege not a chore. Small actions that create a strong foundation to let us show up as our best in the world don’t take much time (or money!), just a commitment to take appropriate ongoing care of ourselves. 


It’s very easy (especially for women) for what we know to be important to get pushed down the priority list by…LIFE.


I know how it goes. It’s the modern woman’s mantra that she will take better care of herself when she is less busy.


I would love to help you with that now.


To give you a supportive structure that keeps wellbeing top of mind, easy to action, and that is designed specifically to fit effortlessly with a busy woman’s life. Not when you are less busy. Now. 


Self-care being endlessly put off does not help you: taking small, positive action now, does!


I want you to be inspired to take tiny bite-sized steps that make a REAL difference to your wellbeing, not just your body, but your mind and your mood too. You are going to kickstart that action with the 14-Day Real Self-Care Kickstart.


Here's how it's going to work. As soon as you sign up, you can start your 14-Day challenge and start making positive change straight away. You will get immediate access to the exact tools and resources you need to create serious momentum and progress in just 14 Days:


  • 101 Self-Care Ideas for you to check off in a gorgeous 50-page e-book.

    You want new and inspiration ideas, not the same old "light a scented candle"? I've got you! Inspiration galore with over a HUNDRED  fresh ideas to get you motivated and inspired.

  • 14 short and snappy course tutorials.

    Some are more reflective, some are very task-oriented, some are unapologetic feel-good. Self-care is about SO much more than “drink more water” and light another flippin’ scented candle. Let me give you 101 ideas that will genuinely move the needle on how you really feel - inside, and out.  

  • 14-day Accountability Checksheet.

    What gets measured is what gets done! I highly recommend you print this checksheet out, or you can use the fill-inable one on-screen: we have provided both formats for you.

  • Reflective Workbook.

    30 self-development questions that will challenge you and give you personal insight on your key areas of wellbeing focus. Again, you can print this and handwrite old school style, or you can use the fill-inable one onscreen: we have provided both formats for you.

  • Helpful email reminders. 

    You will get a helpful email from me each day for the 14 Days of the course with a tip, and to remind you to keep on track and to prioritise your wellbeing!

  • Ready to invest in some real self-care? Click the button below.

    Need a bit more info, read on, my friend!

    Why you need this kickstart

    Does this sound like you?

    This is a self-study course, so you can go at your own pace – binge watch it in one sitting or do one action and mini-tutorial a day – whatever suits your pace and capacity. 


    This 14-Day Real Self-Care Kickstart is for you if:

    • You know self-care is important, but you can never find the time to do it consistently.

    • You know there is more to self-care than "drink more water" and lighting a scented candle.

    • You are ready to take action and do something different: Small and often wins the race!

    In just 14 Days...

    • You will have taken (at least!) 14 bite-sized positive self-care actions and started the habit of consistent self-care. BOOM!

    • You'll understand the 7 facets of real self-care and how to integrate them easily into your busy life, in a way that moves the needle on your wellbeing, without being overwhelmed.

    • You'll understand the 6 key principles behind self-sabotage, the most common excuses, and how to set up healthy habits for long-term success in a way you will remember and use!

    • You'll be knowing yourself better by diving deep into your personal wellbeing patterns and blocks in the reflective workbook.

    • You'll be super excited about the progress you have made, been accountable for it, and ready to make real self-care a happy habit - for life.

    Why I created this for you

    What's inside the 14-day course?

    In just 14-days, we will set up healthy habits for long-term success, by learning self-care moves that REALLY make a difference to your mind, your body and your LIFE.


    Together, we will dive into 9 juicy Real Self-Care sections:






    • CAREER



    • ON A BAD DAY


    Ladies, seriously, don't overthink it!

    Get a WIN in the self-care box today.

    Remember – every action you take MATTERS. It ALL counts.

    It doesn’t take much time to improve our wellbeing. All you need is some inspiration, a supportive structure and the decision to make it happen for yourself.

    Get instant access right now!



    A little bit about me

    Louise Thompson

    Master Coach, Wellbeing Warrior, Author

    I’m Louise, the author of High Energy Happiness (Penguin Random House), newspaper columnist (New Zealand Herald) and TV and radio guest expert on all things wellbeing (TV One, TVNZ, RadioLive, Newstalk ZB, BBC World) and I absolutely LOVE what I do for a living today. I got here however, via a serious health crisis – which could have been totally avoided if I had paid better attention to my self-care and wellbeing!


    After enjoying epic levels of success (yay!) - and equally epic levels of burnout (boo!) - in the corporate world I learned first-hand, and very much the hard way, what happens when we do not prioritise our health and wellbeing effectively. My life looked fine on the surface - but underneath - I was frazzled, anxious, and really exhausted. I mean reaaaaaaaally exhausted – in the end my health was so badly compromised I was bedridden for four months and unable to work for over a year. 

    I learned that the key to health and happiness is NOT more of the tsunami of conflicting and confusing health and wellbeing tips out there in the magazines - but developing a deep understanding what makes us truly tick inside, and simple, prioritised, non-negiotiable self-care. Self-care that fits our life – no matter how busy we are!

    Once we understand how to motivate ourselves with ease, not willpower, taking care of our wellbeing (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual) becomes a really easy, hassle-free, natural integration into daily life. Effortless wellbeing only takes a few minutes a day, once you know how. I am all about wellbeing that is practical, not preachy. I want you to take action on what you can. Not feel guilty about what you don’t.  These 101 self-care ideas will get you easily kickstarted on that journey. Let’s go, ladies. 


    The 14-day self-care course is a fantastic introduction to develop a greater awareness of what constitutes true self care. None of the light and fluffy stuff. Just what really counts.

    Lisa Gilmour


    Loved the way each day built on the one before it. Again, practical and achievable information put together in a way that makes one say, “YES, I can do that!”

    Jennifer Wilson

    Self-care being endlessly put off (until a day you magically have "more time") does NOT help you...

    ... taking small, positive action NOW does!

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