Hello, I’m Louise Thompson

MasterCoach and Wellbeing Strategist

​I’m the author of High Energy Happiness (Penguin Random House) Newspaper columnist (New Zealand Herald) and TV and Radio guest expert on all things wellbeing (TV One, TVNZ, RadioLive, Newtalk ZB, BBC World) and I absolutely LOVE what I do for a living today. I got here however, via a serious health crisis – which could have been totally avoided if I had paid better attention to my wellbeing!

It's my mission to bring women effective wellbeing support that is practical - not preachy. Smart strategies that move the dial on your health and happiness, however busy you are.

101 Self-Care Ideas

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​or take another damn bubblebath!

Over a hundred NEW self-care ideas that are practical, and fast to implement!

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wellbeing warriors

Wellbeing that's practical, not preachy

My signature coaching Academy Wellbeing Warriors is the best investment in your wellbeing you will ever make. Daily coaching from me, an outstanding community of likeminded women and a new 30-Day course each month to uplift your mental, emotional, physical and  spiritual health. The Wellbeing Warriors Academy is high impact, low-cost and the GOLD STANDARD in wellbeing coaching.

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  • Weekly inspo and goodness in the form of Wellbeing Wednesday to effortlessly lift you over hump day each week.

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